St. Polycarp: Saint of the Day for Sunday, February 23, 2020

Mass Times

Mass Times



We are deeply saddened that there will no longer be any more regular, religious
services at Newhaven. Please pray for the people of Newhaven at this time.

MASS INTENTIONS: Mass Intention Envelopes are in the Porches of Church.

PLEASE CLEARLY INDICATE ON THE ENVELOPE INT or RIP. Please use these for requests for Masses and ensure all details are legible and clearly printed with your contact name and telephone number. Please make clear the date you would like for your Mass Intention, (but remember not Monday or Thursday). Please post your Mass Intention Envelope through the letterboxes of the Parish Offices located at 34, Horsham Avenue, Peacehaven or at 36, Fort Road, Newhaven or hand to       Fr Ian after Mass. Thank you.